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Coskun Can Aktan is a professor of Public Finance at Faculty of Economics and Management of the Dokuz Eylul University. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Dokuz Eylul University. He began teaching at the Dokuz Eylul University in 1986 and was promoted to full professorship in 1996.


He worked at several international research centers and universities including the Center for Study of Public Choice, George Mason University (USA) ; Economics Department of the University of California (UCLA) ; International Social Sciences Institute of the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain) and Institut für Allgemeine für Wirtschaftsforschung  of the University of Freiburg (Germany) , Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Vrije University (Belgium) and Mount Kenya University (Kenya ) as a visiting scholar.


Aktan's research studies were funded by the  fellowships and the grants of such organizations as Higher Education Institution of Turkey, Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institution (TÜBİTAK), Turkish Sciences Academy (TÜBA), George Mason University Foundation (USA), Earhart Foundation (USA), British Council (UK), German Academic Exchange Service :DAAD (Germany), Friedrich-Naumann Foundation (Germany), Japan Foundation (Japan) and Soros Foundation (Hungary).


Professor Aktan is a prolific writer and a regular contributor to scholarly journals in Turkey. His research ranges across many fields within social sciences. He published books and articles on economics, poliitical science, sociology, management etc. He prefers inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies in social sciences. He is especially specialized on Public Finance, Public Choice, Institutional Economics and Constitutional Economics.


His name appears on many scientific journals as a member of editorial/advisory board. He is also a regular referee for many academic journals.


Professor Aktan served as member of Trustee Board at Yasar University between 2004-2008.


He served as board member of University Research Fund, Dokuz Eylul University for several years.


He was a consultant to the Telecommunications Authority, a regulatory body in Turkey between 2003-2005.


He also served as an "Advisor to Health Minister" and contributed to the “Turkish Health Care Transition Program” in the years between 2003-2006. During his work at Ministry of Health, he initiated an e-library on health-care services , which is the most comprehensive database on health services and health sector in Turkey.


Professor Aktan is currently working at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey.


He is Chairman of the  Social Sciences Research Society (SOSRES), a non-governmental organization.


He serves as an associate at the Center for Business  and Public Sector Ethics, Cambridge, UK.


He also serves as an associate at the The International Association of Cybercrime Prevention, Paris, France.


Professor Aktan has been recently appointed as Research Associate at the School of Governance of University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


He served as the Conference Chair of the Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society (EPCS)


He also founded and served as editor-in-chief of the several journals including Journal of Public Choice and Constitutional Economics, Journal of Telecommunication  and Regulation. He is currently the Founding General Editor of the Social Sciences eJournals Archive.



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