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Constitutional Conventions: Their Nature, Powers, and Limitations by Roger Sherman Hoar


The Constitutional Convention: Its History, Powers, and Modes of Proceeding by John Alexander Jameson


The Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787, which framed the Constitution of the United States of America by James Madison


The Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 by James Madison


Constitutional Equality a Right of Woman by Tennie C. Cook


Constitution Finder



Foreign and International Law Resources

Foreign and International Laws

Foreign Laws

Foreign Laws and Constitutions

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases


International Constitutional Law


International Treaties

Nations of the World


World Law Resource List


The Internet Public Library-Constitutions & Treaties In Force Reference


Constitutions, Treaties and Official Declarations


Constitutions Of The World / University of Michigan Documents Center


National Center for Constitutional Studies.


A-Z World Constitutions


Charter of the United Nations


Constitution of Australia


Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany


Constitution of the People's Republic of China


Constitution of the Russian Federation


United States Constitution


Geneva Convention: Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War


Core Documents of U.S. Democracy


Government Documents


International Constitutional Law (ICL)


Constitution of the United States


A Citizen's Guide to Impeachment By Alan Hirsch


American Civil Liberties Union


American Legal History Documents


Constitutional Rights Foundation


Ed Flixman's Free Speech Link


Electronic Privacy Information Center


Free Expression Clearinghouse Site


Freedom of Expression Links List


Freedom of Religion Resources /the University of Arkansas


Freedom of Speech Resources / the University of Arkansas


Freedom of the Press / Ralph McCoy


Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America


The Civic Mind


The Constitutional Amendment Project


The Constitutional Principle of Separation of Church and State Articles


The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center At Vanderbilt University


US Offers




Supreme Court Opinions


World Constitutions


Researching Constitutional Law on the Internet - From Chicago


The Annotated Constitution


The Constitution and Related Documents


The Second Amendment Committee


The Second Amendment


The Commonplace Second Amendment


First Amendment Cyber-Tribune


Institute for First Amendment Studies


The Digital Freedom Network


The Constitution Notebook Software Site


The "Titles of Nobility" Amendment


Amendment to Bar Lawyers from Office


Anti-Balanced Budget Amendment


A Guide to the United States Constitution and to the Legal System of the United States


Freedom Forum Online


The Thomas Jefferson Center


Institute for First Amendment Studies


Roger Martin's Legal Materials


Constitution of India


International Constitutions - From LawResearch


World Constitutions - from Washlaw


World Constitutions - From the University of Kansas


The Swiss Constitution - In French, German, and Italian Only


Constitutions of the World


Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics/ Jon Roland