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European Governments Online

European Union's Publications, On line services, Statistics

EUROSTAT - Statistical Office

I'M EUROPE: information about Europe and the European electronic information market.

CORDIS: The Community R&D Information Service.

ISPO: The Information Society Project Office

The Economy of European Union

European Court of Justice

European Court of Auditors

European Investment Bank

Commitee of Regions

Economic and Social Commitee

EU and other governments


European Governments

European Union

EU Delegation to the USA


European Union Document Delivery Service

European Union Libraries and European Documentation Centres


European Central Bank

Association for the Monetary Union of Europe

Centre for European Policy Studies

Centre for European Union Studies

EU Business

Euro: Basics of the monetary union

Euro Economic Sources and Economic Policies in the EMU

Euro FAQs

Euro: Special Report


Euromoney Online


European Anti-Poverty Network

European Community Studies Association of the United States

European Foreign Policy Bulletin Online

European Integration Online Papers.

European Monetary Unit Information Center

European Research Papers Archive

European Union Information on the Internet

European EU-Sceptics Site

European Voice

Federal Reserve Euro Resource Page

History of European Integration Site

Internet Resources for the European Union

Jean Monnet Chair, Harvard University

Polis: Eurepean Politics

Sources on the European Union.

WWW Virtual Library: European Integration History Index

Amsterdam: A New Treaty for Europe

Eur-Lex: European Union Law

Europarl: The Single Currency and the European Parliament

European Union (EU): A GSSI Research Guide

International Constitutional Law (ICL)

Jean Monnet Chair Working Papers Series

Legislative Observatory (OEIL)

RAVE: Research of Articles and Decisions in Public International Law and

European Law

Recent Case-Law: Court of Justice and Court of First Instance

SCAD Database

Treaty of Rome

Maastricht Treaty (Treaty on European Union)