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Tax Resources

Resources About International Tax Matters on the Internet

Netherlands Tax Site

Tax World

Taxes in the United Kingdom

The Tax Prophet / by Robert L. Sommers

International Tax Statistics
Deloitte & Touche's Tax Library
International Tax Sites

Tax Resources on the Internet


Ernst and Young Tax Resources Overview

Yahoo Tax Site


United States Tax Court

Tax Basics

Tax Policy Research Area

Tax Policy and Tax Reform/ Brookings Institution

Tax Foundation

Tax Notes

Tax Web's State Tax Links

U.S. Census Bureau -- State Tax Revenues


Tax Links Contains

Tax Resources

College and University Tax Page

Cross Border Tax and Transactions Information

International Taxation

Why America Needs a Tax Cut

Corporate VAT Management

Global Tax Update

Taxman International

World Taxes


Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


Foreign Tax Site Rates

National Association of Tax Practitioners

National Tax Association

Simplified Tax and Wage Reporting System

Tax & Estate Planning Resources From Teahan & Constantino

Tax Tactics Collection

UK Taxation and Charitable Giving Information

West Group's TaxLine

World Tax

State Tax Rates & Structure /USA

Recent Developments In Taxation Law Edited by Mark C. Larson

Tax Articles / McKenzie and McKenzie

Tax Articles / By Borek & Muhlbauer

Tax Digest Archive

Tax Practitioners Journal / the National Association of Tax Practitioners

Tax Publications

Taxation of Law Firms

Studies on Taxation by NCPA

Urban Institute Studies

Public Policy Research Center Studies

For A New Federal Tax System/ New Tax System

Issues Pro & Con: Tax Reform

Fiscal Policy Studies Program/ Cato Institute

California Tax Revolt

Champions of Liberty on Taxation/ byRoy Davidson

Major Tax Reform/ Randau's Home Page

No Taxation Without Respiration/ Mackinac Center

The Hidden Burden of Taxation/ Cato Institute

Citizens for an Alternative Tax System

Citizens for an Alternative Tax System

Americans for Fair Taxation

European-American Tax Institute

Global Tax Monitor /Taxware

International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation

International Tax and Social Security Data

International Tax Index /Flinders University

International Tax Resources

International Tax Treaty Network

KnowledgeNet: International Tax and Business Resources

Taxes Around the World

World Tax

Worldwide Governments on the Web



National Debt



Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2000

Tax Cuts and Balanced Budgets: Lessons from the States

National Budget

Balanced Budget Amendment Senate Joint Resolution 1

Deficits, the National Debt, and Economic Growth

FinanceNet: Financial Management in Government

H.R. 2015: Balanced Budget Act of 1997

What Would a Balanced Budget Amendment Mean for



National Commission on Restructuring the IRS

St. John's University - Global Institute for Taxation

Taxpayers Against Fraud

Taxpayers for Accountable Government

Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance

American Association for Budget and Program Analysis

National Association of State Budget Officers

Citizens for Tax Justice

Americans for Tax Reform

National Taxpayers Union

National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform

Citizens Against Government Waste

National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund

Taxpayers for Common Sense

United for a Fair Economy