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Is Privatization Necessary?

International Perspectives on Private vs. State-Owned Enterprises,

Privatization: Eight Lessons from Experience, World Bank.

The Basics of Economic Government

Price Controls and Subsidies


Privatizing the Power Marketing Authorities

Federal Barriers to State and Local Privatization,

New IRS Rules Enable Longer Term Privatization Management Contracts

Airforce Depot Maintenance: Privatization in Place Plans are Costly while Excess Capacity Exists.

Airport Privatization: Issues Related to the Sale or Lease of US Commercial Airports

Privatization and Competition: Comments on S.314, The Freedom From Government Competition Act

Franchising and Privatization

Internet Domain Names: Privatization, Competition, and Freedom of Expression

Outsourcing and Privatization of Defense Infrastructure

Privatization: Lessons Learned by State and Local Government

Terms Related to Privatization Activities and Processes

Project on Social Securtiy Privatization

The Privatization Revolution

Privatization 1999: The 13th Annual Report of Privatization

How the States Can Do a Better Job Promoting Economic Development in the 21st Century

Competitive Contracting and Tendering Research Privatization research from theUniversity of Sydney.

Privatization in Latin America. Articles and studies from the Enterprise Research Institute for Latin America.

Privatization of Public Education.

Risky Business: Private Management of Public Schools

International Center for Pension Reform

Public/Private Partnerships in Child Care

Social Security Privatization /by CATO

Welfare Privatization Welfare Information Network's

Welfare Privatization Case Studies

Public/Private Partnerships in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Privatization and Alternative Approaches to Management, Operation, and Ownership of Drinking Water Facilities

Water Online. A number of articles on water/wastewater privatization

Water/Wastewater Privatization Page