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National Center for Policy Analysis Privatization Page

Privatization Research Center at Temple University.

Privatization in State Government: Options for the Future, by Keon Chi.

Privatization Watch. Reason Public Policy Institute,

Privatization: Lessons Learned by State and Local Governments

Some Issues to Consider in Results-Based Contracting with Service Providers.

American Society for Public Administration list of privatization research papers

Bibliography on Privatization, Marquette University, College of Business Administration

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International Finance Corporation Privatization Advisory Services

Outsourcing Bulletin Board

Mackinac Center for Public Policy Privatization Page Studies,

US Senate Joint Economic Committee. Reports and Hearing on privatization.

Privatization of Military Housing Page

Department of the Interior Public/Private Partnerships

National Performance Review

Competitive Neutrality: Ensuring a Level Playing Field in Managed Competitions William D. Eggers,

Funding Sources: Performance-Based Contracting

Municipal Service Delivery: Thinking Through the Privatization Option National League of Cities,

Outsourcing Decision Making Gary Swindon,

Private Practices: A Review of Privatization in State Government Council of State Governments

Privatization 1999, the Reason Public Policy Institute's 13th annual report on privatization.

Guide to Best Practices for Past Performance Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget

A Guide to Best Practices for Performance-Based Service Contracting Office of Federal Procurement Policy,

A Primer on Privatization Joseph J. Cordes and C. Eugene Steuerle Alternative Service Delivery in Local Government, by Rowan Miranda and Karlyn Andersen.


The Gains From Privatization İn Transition Economies: Is "Change Of Ownership" Enough?

Privatization & Deregulation

Privatization As A Part Of A Liberalization Program İn An Internal Oligopoly

Privatization İn Turkey: By Mark Pinkard,

Jan Term Elective: Seminar On British Economic Development

Privatizing Electricity

Going Private: The International Experience With Transport Privatization. By José A. Gómez

Strategic Management İn Privatizing And Deregulating Industries

Crısıs And Prıvatızatıon By Antonio Tujan

Marketization And Privatization İn Eastern Europe

The Privatization Process İn Central Europe

Economic Development And Privatization İn Turkey:
An Analysis Of The Gucbirligi Holding (Gbh) Model

Telecommunications Privatization İn Developing Countries: The Real Effects Of Exclusivity Periods

Port Deregulatıon, Decentralızatıon, Prıvatızatıon And Productıvıty

The Welfare And Polıtıcal Economy Dımensıons Of Prıvate Vs State Enterprıse

State-Owned Enterprises After Socialism:Why To Privatize Them Rapidly, By Vouchers, And With Secondary Trading

Consulting Assistance On Economic Reform

Prıvatızatıon And Its Benefıts: Theory End Evıdence

Critiques of Privatization. By Paul Starr.

Privatization, Profits, and Publicity - The New Trinity,/by Carol R. Campbell.

The Downsizing Report, Government Executive Magazine.

Franchising and Privatization /by Anthony Dnes.

Curb Rights: A Foundation for Free Enterprise in Urban Transit by Daniel Klein, Adrian Moore, and Binyam Reja.

Internet Domain Names: Privatization, Competition, and Freedom of Expression /by Milton Mueller

Outsourcing and Privatization of Defense Infrastructure/ by Paul Taibl.

Privatize the Oregon DMV / by Patrick Hazel

Privatizing the Power Marketing Authorities

Federal Barriers to State and Local Privatization,/ by Jerry Ellig.

New IRS Rules Enable Longer Term Privatization Management Contracts, by Daniel Kucera.

Airforce Depot Maintenance: Privatization in Place Plans are Costly while Excess Capacity Exists.

Airport Privatization: Issues Related to the Sale or Lease of US Commercial Airports

Privatization and Competition: Comments on S.314, The Freedom From Government Competition Act

Privatization: Lessons Learned by State and Local Government

Terms Related to Privatization Activities and Processes

The Privatization Revolution/ by Lawrence W. Reed

Privatization 1999: The 13th Annual Report of Privatization /by Wayne Hudson

How the States Can Do a Better Job Promoting Economic Development in the 21st Century/ by Murray Weidenbaum

The Basics of Economic Government/ by Stephen H. Foerster

Price Controls and Subsidies


Competitive Contracting and Tendering Research Privatization research from theUniversity of Sydney.

Privatization in Latin America. Articles and studies from the Enterprise Research Institute for Latin America.

World Bank Private Sector Notes Articles


Privatizing Social Security

Project on Social Securtiy Privatization