Are Academic Institutions Reshaping Reengineering?

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Re-Engineering Higher Education: Reconciling Profitability With The Common Good

Busıness Process Re-Engıneerıng

Reengineering Electronic Business Processes

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Process Re-Engineering in Europe:Choice, People and Technology

Business Process Reengineering: The IT Connection

Business Process Reengineering and Infomation Technology

Introduction to Business Process Change

Re-engineering of Business Processes in Multinational Corporations

Status Report to Leadership Council

UCOP Benefits Systems Re-Engineering

The Matrix of Change:
A Tool for Business Process Reengineering

Research Centre for the Built and Human Environment

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Reengineering Management: The Mandate for New Leadership (James Champy)

The Reengineering Revolution (Michael Hammer and Steven A. Stanton)

Business Re-engineering in Financial Services, by Stephen Drew

Successful Reengineering (Petrozzo and Stepper)

Business Change and Reengineering: The Journal of Corporate Transformation

Business Process Management Journal

Enterprise Reengineering

US Department of the Interior: Reengineering Lab

Reinventing the Government

Tooling to Reinvent the Government: National Performance Review

Reinventing Government (REGO) Database

Bob Stone Discusses Scorecard on Federal Reinvention

Reengineering the Government (Yahoo)

Reengineering MIT Administrative Processes

A Page From the Corporate Sector: Re-Engineering The Business of Academia

Work Process List Archive

Reengineering Templates and Toolkits

ARIS-Toolset for Business Reengineering

Tools for BPR

Continuous Quality Improvement

Quality Management Principles ISO 9000

1997 Malcolm Baldrige Criteria Reference Book

Quality Management Forum

QFD Institute: WWW Resource for Quality Function Deployment

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