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International Trade Web Resources

National Export Offer Service (NEOS) Database

Trade Data Online


Country Commercial Guides

Foreign Trade Statistics

International Trade Law

American Export Register

Customs Service - U.S.

International Trade Centre

The International Political Economy Network.

International Trade Data

The Blessings of Free Trade/ James K. Glassman

Free Trade vs. Protectionism/ Vincent H. Miller and James R. Elwood

Foreign Trade Information System

International Trade & Business WWW Reference Pages

US International Trade Administration

The World Trade Organization (WTO)

Federation of International Trade Associations

Global Trade Negotiation Home Page

Emerging Markets Directory

WBI International Trade and Development

UNCTAD Trade Point Development Center

Global Trade Center


Trade Winds

International Business Forum

Export Source

Forum for International Trade Training

Fair Trade Online

The International Trade Resource and Data Exchange

NAFTA Resources Directory

World Federation of Trading Houses Associations

Research the World

Serra International Import-Export Directory

Smart Computing Guide to the Web: Where To Do Business Overseas

Trade Assistance Network

Trade Links

Virtual International Business and Economic Sources

World Chambers Network Trade Resources

World Merchant

Export Terms


European Chamber of International Business "Top Links"

Everything International

Institute of Management and Administration: Exports & Imports

International Business Resources

International Small Business Site

International Trade Library

International Trade Information

Glossary of Internationalization and Localization Terms

Glossary of Ocean Cargo Insurance Terms

International Trade Data System

Currency Management Corporation

Forex Directory

Foreign and International Law Resources on the Internet: Annotated

International Business Resources on the WWW

International Trade and Business

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